eChargie Master Plug and Play (price includes FI VAT 24%)




Digitalize a socket with eChargie!

The first device at the sight has to be a Master device because it works as a router with GSM-connectivity. The next devices can be Slave-devices. The distance between the devices can not be more than 50 meters and there can’t be big obstacles, e.g. concrete walls, between the Master and Slaves.

With eChargie a block house, company, city or private person can sell electricity for electric vehicles from a regular wall socket they own. eChargie is a plug and play device on top of the socket. No electrician needed.

The product price includes:

  • eChargie-device
  • eChargie-application for electricity buyer
  • eChargie-management tool for electricity seller
  • Load balancing system
  • Over heating protection

The annual service fee includes:

  • Mobile payment system
  • GSM-connectivity