anyone can sell electricity to anyone

With eChargie anyone can sell electricity to anyone, for any electric vehicle, from any standard wall socket, to anyone with the app, anytime.

  • Buyers can find the devices and pay the charging online in the app

  • Sellers can set the selling price and availability of the devices online in the app

  • In one hour it’s possible to charge 10-25 km range  to your EV depending on the socket type you are charging from

With eChargie you can solve electric vehicle charging with easy and cost-efficient way


Simply install the unit over the single socket in use.

Anyone who can use a screwdriver can install eChargie over a socket, no electrician needed.

eChargie is based on slow charging and utilizes the existing infrastructure, no rewiring of power needed.

eChargie is a cost-efficient and easy solution for building owners, accomodation providers and parking management companies who have requests from electric vehicle owners to charge at their premises.

The benefits are:

  • Direct targeting of the electricity costs to the users, money comes directly to sellers 

  • Balancing the load of electricity to the vehicles

  • Utilizing the excisting infrastructure



Anywhere where is a socket, there is a place for eChargie.