anyone can sell electricity to anyone

Echargie is a service platform for electric vehicles. With echargie anyone can sell electricity to anyone, for any electric vehicle, from any standard wall socket, to anyone with the app, anytime.

Buyers can find the devices and pay the charging online in the app.

Sellers can set the selling price and availability of the devices online in the app.

In one hour it’s possible to charge 10-25 km range  to your EV depending on the socket type you are charging from.

With echargie you can cover your outdoor sockets

Simply install the unit over the single socket in use.

Anyone who can use a screwdriver can install echargie over a socket, no electrician needed.

Echargie is based on slow charging and utilizes the existing infrastructure, no rewiring of power needed.

Echargie is a low-cost and easy solution for building owners, accomodation providers and parking management companies who have requests from electric vehicle owners to charge at their premises.

The use of echargies at accommondation parking areas can be private and targeted to the parking area users. The benefits are the direct targeting of the electricity costs to the users, balancing the available electricity load to the vehicles and utilizing the excisting infrastructure.

In multiple use of devices mesh-network guarantees: no overloads when the owner has set the maximum load limit.

When installed to a time limited heating pole, electrician’s help is needed.

Anywhere where is a public or semi-public socket, there is a place for a echargie.